of coffee shops and used books and air-headed teenagers

Well, today was lovely. Mom and I were planning on taking public transportation to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, but we realized that north Texas is not Europe, and public transport has a ways to go. A long ways, in fact, for us – 3 hours one way, to be precise. Time for Plan B. We figured out expenses, gave ourselves a budget, and drove out to Denton.

We first hit up Recycled Books, Records, and CD’s on the square in Denton. Wow. I hadn’t been there before, and now I’m wondering why not. Three storeys of used books, and lots of them smell good. How did I stay away?

I went there with a bit of an idea in my head. I had just remembered a book from my childhood and wondered if I could find it. (Let’s see if it rings a bell with any of you…) This is how my vague memory recalls snatches of it: A princess in disguise gets a job as a cook in a castle, puts random gold trinkets in the prince’s soup, she wears a cloak of many different furs, and has silvery dresses in walnut shells, and eventually marries the prince. Yeah, not much to go on. Well, it turns out that I read the children-ized version of what is an incestuous Grimm’s fairy tale. The prince was actually the princess’s father, a king whose wife had died and needed to marry someone as beautiful as she, and the only one is their daughter …… Yeah. It’s known by various names – “The Princess in Disguise”, “All-Kinds-of-Fur”, “Allerleirauh”, and “Many Furs”. I’d like to find that childrenized storybook version; it was one of my favourite books as a kid. (not to mention, not as creepy)

While perusing the fiction section, I couldn’t help overhearing and partially recording this quite amusing conversation. (Yes, I actually got out my notebook and jotted some notes down. While laughing at these people. Don’t worry, they were a completely different row so they didn’t even see me or acknowledge my existence.)

A trendy, cuter than me, and unfortunately airheaded high schooler walked past me with her boyfriend/brother/cousin/I don’t know. Man friend. His name was Brad.
Airhead Girl: You know, I’m one of those people who actually reads books, and gets A’s in school, not like some of my other friends.
Brad: (mumbling)
Airhead (looking for a particular book): You know, I keep taking these pregnancy tests, even though they always come back negative, because I’m so scared that I’m actually pregnant!
Brad: How long have you been taking the tests?
Airhead: I don’t know, I’ve taken like, three, in, like, the past couple months or something?
Brad: You would know by now.
Airhead: Whatever! I’m just scared.
Brad: No, seriously, you would know by now.
Airhead (giggling emptily): Oh my gosh that totally reminds me of my friend So and So and me! We were both scared we were pregnant, so we went and got pregnancy tests from CVS, and then went to Taco Bell and took the tests in the bathroom!
Brad: Do you realize how ghetto that is?
Airhead: Shut up!! That’s not ghetto!
Brad: Yes it is! Taking pregnancy tests in the bathroom of Taco Bell?! That’s ghetto.
Airhead: Okay, whatever … well, maybe it is, but we’re not ghetto! See, we couldn’t take it at home ’cause then our parents would find out and get mad at us! (starts looking for the book again) Oh … wait … S comes before T, right? (sigh) Oh, forget it Brad, I’m never gonna find this book. I’ll just get it at the library.

As they walked away, I laughed, or in honor of Airhead Girl, giggled.

I then went and found mom, which was surprisingly easy to do so, considering the size of the place. After browsing some more, we checked out, mom with some Brennan Manning and Bach, I with the following:

  • Four Great Plays by Chekhov (including The Cherry Orchard and Uncle Vanya!), 1958 edition
  • When We Were Very Young by A.A. Milne, 1951 edition
  • C.S. Lewis’ Silver Chair, my all-time favourite edition (on the right), 1970 edition
  • bookmarks
  • bumper sticker for my guitar case
  • entering into a drawing for a $75 gift certificate (oh man…the damage I could do…)

After this, we moved the car (rot about 2 hour parking and all that) and then dropped in a lovely coffee shop. Jupiter House = Awesomeness. I got an Electric Orange Cranberry smoothie, mom a Mango Green Tea, and we split a scrumptiously fantastic cinnamon roll.

Then I got to thinking … how awesome would it be to own a coffee/smoothie shop, coupled with a used book store? Mom and I started dreaming … that would be amazing. Then, as I sipped my amazing smoothie, and as mom got a brain freeze from hers, I (as I am wont to do) thought of all the pesky details that would be involved – capital, how I don’t know anything about coffee, how I would never make any money … so then I thought to myself … Oh Nevermind. (I’m great at shooting down my own dreams.)

But I mean … wouldn’t that be so much fun? And then doing more like displaying local artists’ work, having live music … a community hub. I think it would thrive in a college town. Probably not Upland, though. (and why would I want to compete with Payne’s??)

Anyway … it was a lovely day.

Also, on a completely different note, all women everywhere should always be required to wear a bra at all times. The end.


2 thoughts on “of coffee shops and used books and air-headed teenagers

  1. Ellie says:

    You make me laugh! So much! Wow.
    My blog, or rather the blog I write for my family, is http://www.thechristoffersonfamily.blogspot.com.

  2. denaje says:

    That was high-larious, right until the very end. I don’t even want to know what prompted that plea. :)

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