stream of consciousness

In 11th grade, my English teacher assigned a stream of consciousness essay. Basically, she told us all to sit down for a half hour or so and just write down what we were thinking, hearing, feeling, smelling, and so on. I just happened to find mine, and it amused me quite a bit. Most of it was questions I had, and some parts were actually intriguing and thought provoking. Instead of keeping this tidbit to myself, I have decided that here, for your reading (and thinking / hearing / feeling / smelling) pleasure, is a snippet of Hannah Chupp, 2 1/2 years ago. [and yes, I wrote it during another class. ha.]

Stream of Consciousness: Chemistry Class, April 12, 2006, 2:00-2:25 p.m.

There will be a paper coming out of my head, says Sarah. This room is so hot! Why won’t the air turn on? I had no idea he took chemistry yesterday. Never mind. The table is messed up. Sarah sounds like a squirrel and Jessica says she’s hyperventilating. What would be the eventual result of continual hyperventilation? I wonder if the rate of hyperventilation would change with change in temperature. Or atmospheric pressure. Or if there would be any kind of equilibrium between the air in our body and the air outside.

Can there ever be complete trust? Even if we have no logical reason not to trust someone, will we develop trust issues for no reasons? Praise the Lord for lack of essay. A chem essay on the final would be disgusting. Who decides the meanings of words? And how do they change through the years? Who decides? How did we delegate that authority and why? We talk about lost freedoms to the government, but what about lost freedoms to the general public? Every decision someone makes is a freedom lost to someone else.

What is sound? Seriously. And why did God create things we’ll never see or hear? For his own pleasure? Anything he created on a worldly scale will never compare to what Heaven is like, so it’s obviously not for his benefit. But then comes the question, are other galaxies fallen? When sin came into the world, did it also go to, say, the moon, or Jupiter? They’re obviously not perfect, not what is the best possible result, but how did sin get there?

How do people get popular? What is the definition of popular, meaning, is popular inclusive of everything (all people like you), or can you be “popular” and still a geek? Am I a geek? Do people hate me? I wonder. They haven’t told me yet, at least. What if everyone I thought was a close friend was really plotting to kill me when I turned 45? Don’t worry, I’m not that paranoid. It’s just an odd thought. But what if, in my doubt of paranoia, I was really paranoid? Of being paranoid? What if what I thought was not really thought, meaning that my brain was tricking me into thinking what weren’t really my thoughts.

Wow, this is a lot deeper than I thought it was going to be. If I go into anymore, I will probably get you and myself depressed, and scare us both. Therefore, I have ended. No I haven’t, this assignment has. No it hasn’t, it’s still continuing. So it will end. But then it’s always in the future, so will it really ever end?


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