(Just kidding. While that may have been your first thought upon reading this post’s title (it sure was my first thought), that’s not the kind of dream I’m talking about.)

I hate these dreams that take over my world.

And, like I said, I’m not talking about the at-night dream. I’m talking about the thought-hope-plan-wish type of dream. In my case, the all-consuming kind. This one’s been raging around in my head since Friday, and it won’t stop.

You see, after visiting the most amazing bookstore ever (Well, most amazing used bookstore. Most amazing bookstore overall goes to Hodges Figgis – 4 storeys of ultimate bliss in Dublin.) and –according to Rachael Cox– an “ambience-laden” coffee shop, I was inspired to open my own coffee/smoothie and used book shop. With local music and art. In a college town.

But then this stupid idea wouldn’t leave my head. I even told this stupid idea how stupid it was. How I knew nothing about business, or coffee for that matter, how it would be quite fiscally irresponsible (etc., etc., ad nauseam). But still it lingered.

Yesterday mom and I went to The Colony Resale, where a good portion of my time was spent looking at furniture. I dragged mom away from her bargain-finding and exclaimed to her, “For my coffee shop, I mean, that is, if that ever were to happen, I would get this wooden & forest green table and chairs set. 4 chairs and a table for $59.99, and they look so cool! Oh and then these bar stools are only $2.49, and look at this ridiculous table … er … desk thing! That would have to be in my coffee shop, just because it’s so eclectic.” (that table really was ridiculous. It was painted …….. like some of these kind of colors (see ridiculous color inset) and … it was just quite unusual.)

And then on the way home I kept talking about this stupid coffee shop, and how I would need a business partner who actually knew something about coffee and money … and I would take care of the smoothies and books. It didn’t help that when I got home and was talking to Sarah on IM and (half-jokingly, half in serious) asked her if she wanted to open up a coffee/used book shop, she said sure, and that her roommate was a business major and loved coffee. GRR!

Last night I had finally gotten in bed, put my computer to bed, and then promptly could not fall asleep. So I started thinking of names for my non-existent coffee shop. I then had the brilliant idea of looking up coffee shop names on the internet. I sat up, put on my glasses, and then stared at my compy. He was sitting there on my nightstand. Turned off. I seriously stared at my computer in the dark for a full minute or so.

I decided not to turn on the poor compy, so I tried to fall asleep again. It was really late, so I don’t know why I was having problems. I ended up in the living room leafing through our huge dictionary, brainstorming by myself at 2:30 in the morning.

I came up with a few interesting names, by the way. Or at least, interesting trains of thought. For some reason, they were all on a musical kind of theme. Sonata (imagine “Books and Coffee” or “Coffee and Books” appended to each of these) and Sonatina both sounded too frilly. Mazurka sounds cool, but the dictionary told me it was a Polish dance. MezzoForte was a nice thought, but it doesn’t have the best initials. The best was Fermata, the musical element that causes a note to be sustained longer than usual, with the idea of lingering at a coffee shop involved. [Looking through the dictionary also caused me to think of several other cool names, but they sounded like nightclubs or raves or something. Oh well. Let me know if you’re opening one of those and you need name ideas.]

But … why is this currently on my mind? All the time? I really don’t know what to do with it. Dismiss it completely? Jump in headfirst? Or just think about it and how amazing it would be, which is what I am currently doing.


One thought on “dreams

  1. denaje says:

    Find someone else who has your same ambition so you can keep each other going. And talk to business majors and anyone you know who has started their own business for advice. Everybody has to start somewhere, and I bet you could do it.

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