the Dark Knight (or, Why I Want to Marry a Superhero But Not Take Our Children To Their Dad’s Movies)

I watched the Dark Knight this afternoon. Happy! Whenever I see an action movie, the inevitable result is that I want to break down the door of the theatre and start spraying the lobby with machine gun fire. When I see a superhero movie, the inevitable result is that I want the superhero for my birthday. (Except I don’t think I’d want the Incredible Hulk. But I haven’t seen that, so it doesn’t count.)

I bet you were expecting a movie review. HA! You’re in for a surprise, suckers.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to marry, or at least date, a superhero? (Sorry to all the guys reading this … this is quite a girly post. Oh well – I’m prone to it sooner or later.) Think about it. How awesome would it be to be swooping through the sky with your favorite superhero (Batman, Spiderman, and Superman are all equal to the task)? Or speeding in and out of traffic on Batman on his Bat-bike? And who can resist how super-sexy Batman’s deep voice is? Or how cute and nerdy Spiderman is? Or how all-around amazing Superman is? Don’t you want them to be your man? I want ’em for my birfday.

But this lovely train of thought was somewhat (albeit, only briefly) spoiled during this afternoon’s viewing. Alternately, I spent my time mad at an incompetent mother. While this is pretty harsh wording, you’ll see why. A woman in our row had brought her three young boys. While yes, they’re boys, and therefore apt to like action movies, the youngest couldn’t have been older than six.

And yet, there he sat, and watched the Joker elaborately describe his brutal scars, watched mucho vehicles blow up, watched people fight with weapons and in hand to hand combat and face moral dilemmas. Not to mention someone’s nasty face [I give out no spoilers]. I will admit, his mom did take him out after one especially gruesome scene (for a six-year-old), but then she brought him back! And he sat huddled there on her lap, whimpering. We could hear him whimpering! It’s a PG-13 movie for crying out loud! Did you really think your little boy could handle it??

I liked it.
Although, according to the previews, the end is near.


One thought on “the Dark Knight (or, Why I Want to Marry a Superhero But Not Take Our Children To Their Dad’s Movies)

  1. denaje says:

    I loved the movie too, but it’s not intended for little kids! I don’t know what gets into parents’ heads either…they confound me greatly.

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