"No More Poo Poo Anywhere" and Other Tales of Motherhood

My aunt has three kids, Benjamin, Grace, and Micah. Currently they are 5 1/2, 4 1/2, and 3 1/2. So when my aunt and uncle went to Austin for a couple days last week, I was called upon to stay overnight with the kids. I was excited, and rightly so – it was a lot of fun. But also a lot of work. (I think I’m still tired.)

My greatest fear going into it was related to Micah’s allergies and the possibility of having to use an EpiPen (click and go to page 2 to see why I was so scared). The biggest thing I did have to deal with was about Micah, but not to that extreme.
(Let those plagued with ladylike sensibilities cease reading here)

I had been there for about an hour when Grace comes running to me. “Micah’s got poo poo in his pants!” Micah’s working on the whole potty-training thing, but isn’t quite there yet. As I found out.
So I found Micah, and indeed, there was poo poo in his pants. So I went and sat him on the toilet and started peeling off his shorts and underwear. Bad idea. Poo poo all over the toilet seat, Micah’s legs, and then propelled by the underwear onto the bathroom rug. Micah’s going, “Eww … yucky.”
To make the whole smelly experience a little bit better, while getting Micah clean I unfortunately introduced a new song into the Smith family (seriously, the kids were singing it the next day). “No more poo poo anywhere…” This is repeated as many times as necessary, and when that is exhausted, new verses are added, like Benjamin’s contribution – “No more poo poo on the ceiling fan!” (We all agreed that would be quite gross.)
Once Micah was clean and re-clothed, I proceeded to clean off his clothes and the bathroom rug. Hmm. I was at a loss for what to do. So, I did what any sensible person should do – I called my mom. “Um … I have a question. How would you go about getting a large amount of poo poo off an article of clothing?” Thank God for moms. They are the best. (She told me to rinse the offending articles in the toilet. It worked. I would have never thought of that. Like I said, moms are awesome.)
This incident didn’t put a stain (ha. ha. ha. great pun, eh?) on the rest of my time there. It was great. Really. I did learn a couple of things though (it’s always good to do that though, right?)
  • It’s easier to enforce your own rules than other people’s. Random rules, especially. Like, I can guess brushing teeth before bed, no hitting your sister, stuff like that. But dessert after specific meals? How much TV? “Mom doesn’t make us do that!” Or, “Oh sure, Mom lets us do that.” Mmmhmm … sure.
  • Also, I have an ever increasing respect for moms. It’s a lot of work. Not sure I want to have those five kids, after all … haha.
I love my cousins.

One thought on “"No More Poo Poo Anywhere" and Other Tales of Motherhood

  1. denaje says:

    Awwww! Glad it wasn’t me…

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