I Am From

For my Interpersonal Communication class, I was assigned to write a 10-12 line poem describing where I Am From. Not particularly the city or state, but what has formed who I am today.

This assignment minded me of the epic poem I wrote in 8th grade. Not at all because of the length, but because it’s one of those assignments I actually enjoyed doing, would do for fun, and completed early – in the case of the epic poem, 3 weeks early. What a cute little nerd.

I Am From Narnia
I Am From a missionary family
I Am From the open skies and barefoot fields
I Am From a deep desire for justice and peace
I Am From recycling and dark chocolate and Crayola crayons
I Am From finding motivation for loving, for living, for learning
I Am From a love of organized chaos, especially Frederic Chopin
I Am From loving a group of friends both recent and from the ancient past
I Am From a struggle of finding God and this world and myself and fitting them all together
I Am From a love of the green mountains, fascinating people, and intricate culture of Ireland

3 thoughts on “I Am From

  1. melissa says:

    i think that this still describes you. hehe. :D

  2. thetysonfamily says:

    Hi Hannah! :)

    I just saw your blog linked from Amy's site. I think of you every day when I see Ireland on my map (I know you're not still there, but it still makes me think of you!), pray for you, and wonder how you're doing. Well, I'm going to go see what you've been up to, so bye for now!

    <3, Lindsay :)

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