and I’m back from the dead

… hopefully.

I keep coming to my blog, hoping to think of some ingenious remarks to share with the general public, but then I read everyone else’s blogs and am saddened that I really don’t have much to say.
Those who read my blog are quite few, and don’t really need my blog to keep up with me. So I figure, why write? Oh well. I’ll come up with something. For example, this hilarious dream I had Thursday night.
A big movie producer honcho man, who was apparently quite unpopular, was currently living in a hotel. One movie star he had rejected was now bent on assassinating him. This person (who was first a girl in my dream, and then a guy) was hanging out with me and telling me of her woes. She had tried to assassinate him many times by impersonating room service and bringing up poisoned food. But he hadn’t died yet.
So then I got in on it. S/he and I and several other people were hanging out in the movie honcho’s hotel room, and he and his wife were sitting in bed, chatting it up with us. Our first move was to saw off a part of the bedpost and replace it with a poisoned peanut. But that didn’t work.
So then we wrote up about ten letters, giving him directions to places that were going to be blown up. We must have thought this guy was really stupid.
But he wasn’t stupid. He caught our drift, and started blowing things up! Oh, and we were in the woods now. And it was a battle. So, the leader of our forces said that if we had burning books it would ward off the evil forces.
So we dipped the books into oil and they burst into flame and we waited for the enemy to spring out of the forest. When they did, we waved our flaming books at them. Except I almost killed Jessica Heil with mine.
“Sorry!” I said.
“What are you trying to do??” asked Jessica.
“Well, it’s your fault anyway.”
“Whatever. No it’s not.” This statement was really quite thought-provoking in my dream.
Then the flames off of our books turned into melted cheese and everyone’s legs and arms were covered in oil. So we got in the car and drove into a valley, surrounded on all sides by mountains. And in the middle was LeTourneau University.
It was snowing and it was either prospectives weekend or homecoming, so the admissions/alumni department had given everyone brightly colored winter jackets. I found James and said, “LeTourneau, is this … I mean, James, is this LeTourneau?” Because all the signs were really small and just said, “The School in Fort Wayne.”
And he said it was, and then I said, “Oh, YES! That means I can find James and Josh! I haven’t seen them in forever.” Then I realized I was talking to James, so I said, “Oh wow, so this means you’re back from Korea?” And he said yes, and I woke up.

3 thoughts on “and I’m back from the dead

  1. denaje says:

    You’re weird :P

  2. melissa says:

    BAHA!!!!!!! that is great. wow. wait til you hear some of my dreams. :D

  3. Ellie says:

    this is funny.

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