Yesterday, the day of craziness

I feel like I’m always sharing dreams with you. Oh well. This one is great. It began early in the wee morning hours of Wednesday.

I was in the Taylor chorale, and we were on an underground train, going past the Indianapolis airport. Then we all got off, and we were at Amber’s house. I was hanging out with Laura and Alyssa in Amber’s room, and then Tracy Manning (who is really the theatre director, but who in my dream directed chorale) burst into the room.
“We are singing in 5 minutes! Get dressed!”
We were supposed to bring all black to wear to our concert – a combination of shirt/pants/skirt, whatever. However, I looked in my suitcase and all I had brought was a bright blue dress I had worn in the 90s. I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror. Even though it fit, I said to myself, “This is definitely not black.”
Then I realized that we were supposed to sing in 2 minutes, and began running around looking for black clothes. Even though Amber had a ton in her closet, they wouldn’t fit me. Alyssa and Laura didn’t have any extras, and even though Valerie did, she shut the door and frowned at me.
In all of this stress and mayhem, my alarm went off and I woke up with a headache.
I then got up, took a shower, got ready, and went to my advisor’s office for a meeting and my RAC sheet. (This is no longer the dream, by the way, this is reality.) She said my schedule looked good, we talked about Ireland and Astronomy, and she said I should take Life Span next semester.
I went to my next class, where we were watching a PBS special on an American lady who had moved to Afghanistan. Rather interesting. Then someone’s cell phone started going off. Except it didn’t stop making that loud buzzing. And then lights started flashing. What? We all kind of looked at each other, confused, saw people rushing by in the hall outside the door, and stood up and slowly began to gather our stuff.
After standing up and slowly filing out, we realized that the supposed cell phone was actually the fire alarm, and were quite confused. We made it out of Rupp, were told to go to the Chapel, and then to the Student Union. We then found out that there had been a gas leak outside Smith-Hermanson, and so we had chapel in the Union. Quite awesome actually.
They then said that classes were cancelled until further notice, but then until about 12:30 kept un-cancelling and re-cancelling classes and opening and closing buildings on a whim. We were all frustrated and confused.
Then I gave a horrible speech, enjoyed Hebrew, and endured Astronomy, ending the day on a pleasant note by creating a scary schedule for next semester, 17 credits, 4 of which are Life Span.
‘Twas an interesting day.

One thought on “Yesterday, the day of craziness

  1. Ellie says:

    I had a dream last night that my family and the Powells were at Guitar Center. We were in a big open room with a wood floor. They don’t really have open spaces there, do they? And in the dream there was rock music playing, and me and Sharlena were trying to swing dance, but the music is too fast. and we mess up, and we’re laughing. and the other people at the store think we’re weird.
    i am weird.
    do you mind if i have a link to your blog on the blog i write for my family?

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