as defined by the Oxford American Dictionary, refers to “an expert judge in matters of taste.”

Lately, I’ve been realizing that too often, I, and others around me, have become spiritual connoisseurs. We judge church services based on whether or not the worship style is to our liking, whether the worship pastor is hip enough, never minding the hearts of those leading. We zone out on speakers who aren’t vivacious, who don’t entertain us, not stopping to think about the prayer and effort put into the sermon.
“Man looks on the outward appearance, but Yahweh looks on the heart,” says 1 Samuel 16:7.  What are we concerned with? How flashy and cool our love for God can be? Or whether our hearts are right with him?
Stop being a taste-tester of doctrines, of denominations, of convictions. Find God’s heart, and he will lead you to the true Living Water.

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