I’m so happy. I can’t help it.

Part of it’s opening windows and welcoming the weather, inexpressibly happy, full of adrenaline, unable to listen to songs with minor chords in them.

Part of it’s having tea with Jessie Riley for two hours on the deck behind Randall, turning clouds into unicorns, enjoying PG Tipps and the sun shining on my back, exchanging book and movie suggestions, relishing life.

Part of it’s squishing 8 people in a Ford Taurus and getting pizza at midnight.

Part of it’s reading Faust whilst walking around campus barefoot, balancing on the curb, wearing a skirt, being told I looked poetic, hearing “Jai Ho” streaming out of a Swallow window.

Part of it’s marveling how a simple cup from Goodwill can look when the sun hits it just so.

It’s friends. It’s experience. It’s life.

and I love it.


One thought on “Happy.

  1. Mandy says:

    And I love you.

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