you know what?

All people are just people, you know.
They’re like me, you, Aunt Sue, your neighbor, your favorite cousin, your best friend, your pa.
They don’t bite, usually.

People are narcissistic, you know.
Once you let them go they’ll talk of coffee, bad business, family, economy, dogs, cats, the weather.
And even if they smile politely and pull away, you know they want to divulge the things they like best about themselves.

I am always watching, you know.
Not in the creepy way that line suggested, not the stalker on facebook or outside your bedroom window.
But when I look at people, I am interested, I want to know.

But I am just too reticent, you know.
I know that once I crack the shell and put it in the pan I’ll have a sizzling fried egg with salt and pepper and cheese on top.
But I just can’t bring myself to break the egg.

Why am I so inhibited? Do you know?
If people are just people, and they want to talk about themselves, and I want to hear their narcissism, then why don’t I do anything?
What’s stopping me?


One thought on “you know what?

  1. denaje says:

    Very poetical.

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