HORRIBLE, horrible stressful dream!

I was so glad to wake up.

It started out with a showing of Peter Pan, with Peter Keuhl and some girl, and they were flying around between these buildings, and I actually had a seat out there too, which was held up like a swing by fishing line (and I couldn’t get it to stop swinging at one point but Mark Koh helped me).

Then I left the show and I was at the airport and dad was supposed to pick me up by the baggage claim. Then I met up with this stylish, spoiled girl (my age) and her mom who were unable to find their flight and they started to stress me out. The gate attendant, who didn’t speak English very well, indicated that I need to go back the way I came to find the baggage claim.

As I ran back, I noticed that all the airport workers had Home Depot aprons on. I also noticed that I needed to go to the bathroom. When I emerged from the bathroom, I realized that I had somehow gotten outside of the airport … to go back in to get to the baggage claim, I would have to go through security.

I then realized that I had no ticket and no form of identification, including my passport. I couldn’t get through security to get to the baggage claim to get to dad. I realized I had been all over the airport and couldn’t possibly find my passport. I began to wish they had already found it and I would hear “Passenger Hannah Chupp, please report to …” and then I opened my eyes and realized it was all a dream…


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