A sampling of my writing skills on my seventh birthday.


by Hannah Chupp, written on October 8, 1996

Once upon a time, far, far away, there was a land called Borden. It did’nt have any Dumps, and the people didn’t have any trash-cans! People smoked, drank, and all those terrible things you can think of. It was smelly all the time. Well, A girl came to visit for 5 months. Here is what her journal was like:

Day One (example): I went to the Barius’s Home today. They said I could stay for 1 Hour. There is Molly and Barak. Molly is 29 and Barak is 28. I gave them Both a tract. They became Christians! Thank God!

Well She went all over the place in the land! Telling people all about Jesus. Finnally the whole land was saved! The End.


2 thoughts on “flashback?

  1. Zekky says:

    :D I think that’s better than I would have written at that age.

  2. Elicia says:

    incredible. :) don’t all stories made up when one was little have such a wonderful ending?

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