Tradition Keeps Me Sane

I think the reason I love Christmas so much is the tradition. Not necessarily what the tradition is, just the predictability, the having of one.

Board games and cheese and summer sausage on Christmas Eve.

Peter & I sleeping out in the living room with the tree lights on.

Scrooge and pickled herring with the Kiriks.

A family day out – movie or bowling and inevitably a bookstore.

But this summer (at least this last week) has been enjoyable too, because it’s had dashes of tradition added. And I loved it.

DSCN7497_2Johnny Carino’s with Heather and Terri. Stuffed mushrooms merely to justify the exquisite Italian herb bread with olive oil and roasted garlic. Cappuccino to offset the sweetness of the bread pudding. (They had no tiramisu! It was a travesty.) Walking around abandoned storefronts. Love.

DSCN7508Orange Chicken with Melissa, a year to the day from last time. Figuring out how we accidentally made it spicier. Continued jokes about chicken bosoms. Experiencing the joy that is Sprouts. Laughing forever at Music & Lyrics. (Melissa is basically Drew Barrymore; did you know that?) Love.


One thought on “Tradition Keeps Me Sane

  1. eliciaruth says:

    hmm she is? if drew barrymore is awesome, spontaneous, crazy, beautiful, and my sister, then i would agree.

    i suppose melissa could be like drew barrymore without being my sister.

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