Andrew Peterson

…is fantastic.Andrew Peterson

For those who aren’t aware, he is a singer and songwriter of Christian folk proportions. In other words, as I already said, fantastic.

Once, after hearing him in concert, my mom wrote him an email to let him know that one of his songs really touched her and meant a lot to her. She also mentioned that she had slightly changed the lyrics to one of the lines from his song “Tools”. Instead of singing, “I believe that Swedish folk were born with better eyes”, my Swedish mother and I were now singing, “I believe that Swedish folk were born with bigger thighs…” And Andrew Peterson sent her an email back saying how funny he thought that was, and how he was going to go sing it to his family.

I told you he was fantastic.

North! or Be EatenHis newest fantastic work is called North! or Be Eaten. It’s the second in the Wingfeather saga, a children’s book series filled with fantasy, woe, hilarious footnotes, frightening (in a good way) illustrations, and a riveting tale.

It’s not a light tale, but one that makes you think. One that makes my college-aged stony heart fear for my beloved characters. One that gives you a bit to chew on.

My journey through this book is sadly only about half way done, and it’s probably a good thing I left it in my dorm room this morning, or I would be even more behind on homework. Reading through it chapter by chapter with the intention of stopping is also a bad idea, because each chapter leaves you hanging on the edge of a cliff. Sometimes quite literally.

I’ve adopted Janner, Tink, and Leeli as my new little siblings, and I feel quite protective of them now. Nia’s become my loving mother, and Podo the pirate grandpa I never had. I haven’t been surprised that the venomous Fangs of Dang have crept into my dreams, or that instead of reading my textbook I wonder how we’ll ever escape the Stranders and get to the Ice Prairies. And I don’t know how I ever lived without Oskar N. Reteep’s most appropriate quotations, such as the following found on page 87:

In the words of Vilmette Oppenholm in her essay on the decline of free cupcakes, “How awful.”

I can’t wait to finish this book. And I can’t wait for you to start reading it.


3 thoughts on “Andrew Peterson

  1. Angie says:

    oh my goodness – if you’ve still not finished the book, make certain you have a tissue box handy as you near the end. And be prepared for several gasps, sharp intakes of breath and moments of extreme emotion. To see my little blog about this book, you can check yesterday’s post at :)

    I’ve never gotten to hear Andrew Peterson in concert (well, I believe he was with a group I when he was in college, but I was in elementary school, so that doesn’t count). I love your mom’s lyric change! :)

  2. eliciaruth says:

    love this. andrew peterson sounds fabulous.

  3. Amy Christofferson says:

    sounds like something i’d like to read! where is it found?

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