Last Night, in the Words of Derek O’Brien, Green Beret

“You guys mind if I sit down? Anyone sitting here?”

“I’ve got six hours before I ship out to Afghanistan, and I thought it’d be nice to talk to some civilians.”

“No, I don’t need coffee, I’m shaking enough as it is.”

“I came over here because my buddy, my roommate, well, his girlfriend is there, and they started while I was in the room! Talk about awkward.”

“Who knew that nerds were so fun? You guys are great. I was actually a closet nerd in high school, a band geek. My family never knew that I was in choir.”

“I’m past the front line. The Green Berets, we’re the first to go in. If there’s any Al Qaeda or Taliban around, we get to take care of ’em.”

“Why’d I join the army? Cause I’m good at it. I’m good at yelling at people.”

“My girlfriend broke up with me two days ago. That I night I grabbed the nearest waitress and … See, all the girls in Pendleton are crazy for army guys. Except for my girlfriend of two years.”

“Why aren’t I sleeping? You try it. You try sleeping the night before you’re gonna go shoot people.”

“My goal is to make it through life without getting shot or stabbed. If I do that, I win.”

“I’m gonna try and take classes while I’m over there. Going into music, actually.”

“Well… it was real fun talking to you guys. I’ll never see you again. I never will!”


One thought on “Last Night, in the Words of Derek O’Brien, Green Beret

  1. melissa says:

    oh my,

    i wish i could hear the whole story.

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