drifting off in thought during class leads to odd poetry songs…

Hope, says the butterfly
Hope springs alive
In the face of the little girl
caught in a web
of a spider that’s eaten by
a giant blue whale
Down, down, down in the sea.
(laide laide, lai-lai-lai … la, lai-lai, la-la-lai …)

Clouds are filling the
minds of the children
and hugging them tightly
and saying, “Oh no, oh no,
we’ll never let go,
entwined forever, forever, we’ll be …”

Their hearts are so heavy
And wanting their homes
Mothers and fathers are
dancing in visions
not tangible things,
they’re never alive
So tears are filling their faces.

The tears run down
The hope runs out
The little girl watches
The spider explodes
The whale implodes
The sea drains away
And the sky falls down, down, down.

Hope, says the butterfly,
never existed
We made it all up
And then it was twisted
Into a tidy hemp rug
Which we smoked
Forever and ever and ever and ever.

But the butterfly didn’t know
Why the world was
So he ate it all up
And it all ate up him
And hope returned
With the children to stay
And that was the end, the end, the end.


One thought on “[hope]

  1. Zekky says:

    Ha! For some reason, I really like this.

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