It’s a well-accepted fact that silence is uncomfortable and avoided. It can be awkward, signify anything between fear and apathy, and can intimidate.

But I’ve come to like it, in the strangest places.

I used to play music while I did homework, but now I prefer it in silence.

I used to jam out while working out, but now I just work out with my thoughts. Or sometimes, with my lack of thoughts. 40 minutes of silence within (even if machines are whirring and ESPN is flashing around you) can do so much to make things clear and to give you rest.

Rest. This is something I need to learn.


One thought on “silence

  1. rachael says:

    Han, this is a great post. I have been thinking about silence and rest a lot, too. It’s amazing how much I need it and revel in it when i make time for it, but how i can go so long without truly resting in silence.

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