It’s not that I’m immoral. It’s not even that I’d like to be unethical. I think it’s just that my brain is weak.

In high school I was on the debate team, but every time I’d get up to speak I’d convince myself of a different side.

I applaud my 16-year-old brother’s staunch affirmation of global warming and predestination despite all rational arguments we devil’s advocates throw at him, because I’ve never had such firm beliefs.

I know God exists. I know he loves me. But on the finer things, I it’s hard for me to say.

I have a hard time knowing where to stand, or how to draw the line. I’ve never seen the world in black and white, and my strength of being able to see the other person’s side is also a crippling weakness. There are things that some far corner of my cerebellum condemns, but that don’t seem to be attested to by my actions.

How much can the line be blurred before it isn’t a line at all?


2 thoughts on “blurrings

  1. Zekky says:

    I’m don’t think it’s a weakness at all. Being able to see “the other side” is an amazing ability that many people lack. We would still be stuck in the dark ages if it wasn’t for people who thought outside the box, questioned reality, and stood beside others who thought similarly. Who’s to say that global warming and predestination are true or false? Perhaps the question should be: should there even be a line at all?

  2. eliciaruth says:

    zekky, whoever you are, i think there should be lines in life, especially in our relationships with God. we can’t always know what is true and what is false, what is right or wrong, but if we don’t have any standard to measure things by we will slip, and fall.

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