rock and reel

a paltry summation of the earth’s response to Yahweh

at the coming of Yahweh
at his voice
his thunder
I am changed.

my foundations are shattered
his lightnings flash before me
and I am all lost.

I am a mountain
I am a rock
I am strong
(I dance like a lamb)

I am a king
I am a river
I am the vastest ocean
(I flee)

I am a cedar
I am a redwood
I am old and honored
(I splinter like brittle bark)

I am foundation
(I convulse)
I am immovable
(I melt)
I am eternal
(no longer)

Come, thunder of Yahweh
Come from your holy place
Come and bow your heavens low
Come and uncover my beginnings.

I am not my own
for Yahweh has changed me.


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