why my brain hurts this semester

My classes this semester have hit me with some of the hardest questions I’ve ever come across. I will let you ponder them as well.

  • Industries are impacted by consumers. The supply will meet the demand. Child labor and sex trafficking are both industries. What do you endorse (perhaps unintentionally)?
  • What does “missions” really mean? Are the Gospel and social justice distinct?
  • How do we share the gospel to survivors of sex trafficking, who have so many attachments of shame and stigma?
  • Do we believe in a just world?
  • What does it mean to “have church”? Are we doing church wrong? What’s the balance between sermons and service?
  • Can inner growth be expressed in service? We are so “I” focused.
  • What does it mean to be Christian? Have we narrowed our definition too much?
  • If a part of the reintegration of the wounded includes a healing ceremony, how do we integrate that with Christianity?
  • Can you love others as yourself when you don’t love yourself?
  • Is there a tension between physical/mental care and spiritual care?
  • In sharing the Gospel, what is your end goal? What is success to you?
  • Is there a “psychology of conversion”?
  • How do people heal?
  • Do NGOs perpetuate trauma? Overstate it in order to get funds?
  • How do you bring aid to a trauma situation without creating systemic dependency?
  • At what point does a cultural value become a problem?
  • Is pulling older street kids – the leaders – off the streets the best idea?
  • Are human rights a biblical notion? Or have “human rights” usurped the role of Scripture?
  • Why aren’t churches a safe haven emotionally and spiritually?
  • What do you do when, as a missionary, you meet a Christian polygamist?
  • What do you do when the closest family for an orphan is dysfunctional?

And here’s some statements to ponder as well.

  • There are more children who are HIV/AIDS positive in the US than there are gay people.
  • “To preach the gospel to a brothel owner, you’d probably have to risk your life.” – John Molineux

One thought on “why my brain hurts this semester

  1. elicia says:

    these make me think. hard.

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