pressing on

I’ve been learning recently (and by that I mean, “I had this sort of epiphany about five minutes ago”) about perseverance.

Right now I have a headache, and it’s rather unenjoyable. If I were back at Taylor, I would tell myself that the headache was indicative of the rest I needed, stop my work, and take a nap.

But I’m not at Taylor. I’m currently working at Gospel for Asia 8:30-5:30 Monday through Friday. I can’t stop my work, drive home, and collapse for an hour. It’s necessary that I work despite my headache.

This is a tiny example of a bigger principle that I need to apply. At the same time, it’s hard to learn the balance between seeing obstacles as warning signs and as hurdles. And I say that I’m learning this because I’m still not persevering right now … I’m writing this blogpost.


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