I’m scared.

Looking into my as yet nonexistant future, I have no idea what a year from now looks like.

I don’t like the unknown. I like very much to have a plan. And right now I have nothing longterm.

I will graduate from college, and then looms a giant question mark.

I just read chapter 8 in KP Yohannan’s book Destined to Soar. The chapter was entitled, “Striving for Unity” and ended with these words: “If we are Christ’s Body, we must also become bread that God can break to feed the multitudes of our generation. We can only become a loaf of bread to feed the hungry if the oneness of the Spirit is among us. And oneness only comes through yielding ourselves to be ground, powdered and mixed together. Will you yield yourself to Him in your own circumstances?”

And my heart cried out these most exciting and frightening words: “I yield to you my plans. Do with me what you want.”


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