Nightmare in Zanzibar

On Sunday night I went to sleep thinking about my apartment for next semester (which is named Zanzibar, by the way), and planning out how I was going to arrange my room. Later I woke up from the following dream …

I was in Zanzibar, and all my apartmentmates were there, and we were unpacking and arranging and generally having a blast. Rachel DeMeo and I went into our room and started to organize things. To our surprise, we found that Lindsay and Guisselle had left things for us. As we kept searching, we found skittles hidden in every closet, behind everything. In addition, Lindsay had left me 25 identical pairs of teal pumps, and an orange plastic dress. Guisselle had left Rachel a fur coat. How thoughtful!

We came out to the living room, where Becca and Rachel Jonker were unpacking kitchen supplies. Suddenly, my entire family was there, along with my Uncle Jim. We discovered that we had also been left massive bookshelves that reached the ceiling and took up the entire wall, and were filled with books – classics and atlases. In addition, there were three tvs already set up.

We were wondering where to put DeMeo’s tv, because it was quite large, and we thought maybe we could shift one of the bookcases down into the hallway, and put the tv on the wall in front of the kitchen. Then we could have all our couches and the table in the living room area.

“Here’s an apartment-warming gift for you,” said Uncle Jim. I opened the envelope and inside was a gift certificate for $6.37 to Lettie Loo’s ice cream parlor. As I looked at the certificate, I could see before my eyes the scene when Uncle Jim purchased the gift…

“Well…” said Lettie Loo, “we don’t normally do gift certificates. We don’t normally bring presents round to the house. Why should I make an exception this time?”

“It’s her first apartment!” said Uncle Jim.

“Well, all right!” Lettie Loo steamed, furiously signing her name on the gift certificate.

I knew then that things were not all right. I knew that Lettie Loo was plotting, and might very well come storming in the door of Zanzibar. So I ran outside, where it was night and pouring rain. Campbell was suddenly an old church building and the domed top (instead of a steeple) peered over at me. And then (of all the nerve!) it peed on me.

Then I woke up.


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