Jesus Messiah

He became sin / who knew no sin / that we might become / His righteousness
He humbled Himself / and carried the cross / love so amazing / love so amazing

At all-sing tonight, those words ran around and around in my head. The weight of that gift crashed in on me. He was perfect and yet He chose to embody imperfection.

He began to whisper to me, “What do you hate about yourself?”

“I speak without thinking,” I cried to Him, “I can be careless and thoughtless and I hate it.”

“For you,” He said, “I spoke without thinking. I was careless. I was thoughtless.”

“What?” For the first time I realized truly how absurd that was. “But why would you do that? You’re GOD, for crying out loud. That’s not what you’re supposed to do.”

“I did it for you.”

“I don’t want you to take that! I don’t want you to become that for me! It’s too much! You’re not supposed to do that! I can’t accept this!”

“But I did it because I love you.”

“What crazy, twisted kind of love is that?? I just can’t understand why you would do this!”

“Yes you do. You know perfectly well, because if you could, this is exactly what you would do for someone you love with all your heart.”

And you know, He was right.

Revel in His perfect, matchless love. Absorb His ridiculous gift of love to you. You don’t deserve it. You can’t understand it. But take it anyway.


One thought on “Jesus Messiah

  1. Jessica E says:

    This is a great encouragement Hannah! It’s quite something to get your brain around… I’m so amazed that the Lord is absolutely crazy about us no matter what and that He’s quick to point wonderful truth out to us with great love. =D

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