Not-so Butter Chicken

And thus begin the cooking adventures of Hannah during the summer of 2010. Yes, indeed, this is quite late, but why not?

This recipe is found here, and wasn’t quite what we were expecting. We wanted a real Indian butter chicken, and this is not it. Oh well. If you thicken it up and put it over noodles, it’s quite tasty. And the marinade/rub is grand for other purposes as well. So really, it can be a useful recipe.

This is probably the only step by step photographed recipe I’ll get up, because it’s more work than it’s worth. I’d rather eat the food.

And thus the ingredients stand proudly for you: chicken, garlic, lime, … and a bunch of spices I can’t read the names of right now.

Skin the garlic!

See what the lovely garlic skinner does? It’s a work of art.

Crush the garlic!

Add salt! (Exactly what was the point of all these pictures? I’m not sure. Dear Pioneer Woman, you’re crazy.)

Add pepper!

Add cayenne! (This meal was made June 29, by the way.)

Add unknown spices! Just throw open your cabinet and choose at random!! Just kidding. I have no clue what this was though.

Add cumin! (oh my GOSH. will these pictures never end??? I swear not to bore you in this way in the future. In other ways … I make no guarantee.)

More mystery spices!

Squeeze a lime!

Mix it all up until it looks really disgusting.

Place into a bag with raw chicken.

Mush around. Let marinate. Then get sick and let your mom finish the recipe. At least, that’s what I did.


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