Greek Pizza and Salad

This may have been the crowning achievement of my summer. It was a fantastic supper, to be sure (eaten while watching Julie & Julia).

The granola is plotting its attack.

Ingredients! (and granola in the background.) The most important thing here may be the parmesan cheese. That may also be the most important thing in life.


This is a picture of raw chicken and a knife, guys.Cut up chicken.

I now pronounce you skillet and chicken.Saute chicken in tasties.

Then lick the skillet clean.When all the chicken is done (see it looming deliciously in the background?) fry up all the extra tasties.

we call him AlfredoGrab a jar of alfredo.

I'm an advocate for the rights of alfredo marriageCombine until the two become one.

a sticky situationMake pizza dough.

I really can't think of a clever title. I can't believe I took all these pictures.Flour/cornmeal the pans.

DEMOLISH THE DOUGHBegin to roll out the dough.

I give cooking advice sometimes.It is easiest to finish rolling the dough when it’s actually on the pizza pan.

some tasty morselsGather tasty ingredients. Here we have alfredo, antipasto (mushrooms & olives), mozzarella, chicken of tasties, balsamic pickled onions, and artichoke hearts.

life stages of a pizzaPlace tastily on pizza.

never too much cheeseSmother appropriately with cheese.

HI FAVORITE PIZZAThis one had tomatoes and artichoke hearts. It was my favorite.

eat the movie, watch the pizzaUse extra pizza toppings as salad toppings, eat heartily, and enjoy movie with parents.

The end!


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