Inspired to Thankfulness

At the beginning of this school year, part of me didn’t want to return to Taylor. And a good part of me is ready to leave now. I was loathe to return to the spirit of complaint I find it so easy to fall into here. Classes…professors…chapel…the DC…campus…the dorms…the LTC… Everything gets complained about in turn, and it’s even the cool and funny thing to do.

I know that complaint exists other places than Taylor too, so I can’t expect to leave it all behind when I go in February. But I’ve decided to wage war against it, and arm myself with an arsenal that will be useful once I graduate too. I’m going to cultivate a spirit of gratefulness, of gratitude, of awe and wonder at this blessed world I’ve been given to live in. I won’t condemn or criticize others, especially about their complaints, and I’ll just hope that they choose to join with me in thankfulness to God. He’s truly wonderful.

I was inspired more practically by a blog entitled “A Holy Experience” that mom introduced me to. And every Monday, Ann Voskamp lists a number of things that she’s grateful for. It began in 2003 as a quest to create a list of 1000 “gifts,” from God (she’s over 2000 now). And so, on this my own Monday, I thankfully join her Gratitude Community with the humble beginnings of a list of my own. I’d encourage you to begin to count the ways that God pours His love on you!

#1 – A weekend home! (Truly a rarity.)

#2 – A clear blue day.

#3 – The realization that even though I was in the throes of the worst headache I had ever had in my life (and that’s saying a lot), I was having a good day – Not controlled by circumstances!

I’ll post thankfulnesses as often as I think of them, and I hope this exercise will cause that to be more frequent.


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