In Which I Hurl Myself Off A Succession Of Cliffs And Find I Was On A Very Safe Path All Along

Perhaps I am Eustace? (read: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, in which he stumbles blindly and supernaturally into the Dragon Valley)

Anyways, tonight I had cause to remember that for the past several months, whenever I think I have a sort of plan for myself, it gets uprooted. It’s been disillusioning, disheartening, and daunting for sure. I’ve even thought, why bother trying anymore? I should just give up and eat potato chips all day.

In talking to mom tonight and explaining my woes, she kept telling me how awesome it was that God had such a path laid out for me.

“Where?” I can’t see it. Everything is being upended and shaken about and wiggled all over the place. Nothing seems like a path.

I just can’t wait to get to the end and see what I have come through unscathed.

#12 – God is trustworthy. He will not waste my time, love, dreams, life. He’s not like that song, “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away…”

#13 – God’s leading. I honestly can’t see it right now and what appears to others to be His leading looks to me like a freefall down a rocky cliff, but I know He does and I am excited to see what He is doing.


One thought on “In Which I Hurl Myself Off A Succession Of Cliffs And Find I Was On A Very Safe Path All Along

  1. Dorinda says:

    hi hannah :) Your comment about the path looking like “a freefall down a rocky cliff” made me think of my recent backpacking trip with Greg. We spent 6 days hiking down into the Grand Canyon and camping at different sites along the Tonto Trail.

    Lots of times, the trail would take us into a side canyon. We would stand there and look around. We were surrounded by the rock walls of the Grand Canyon and sometimes by rockslides and many times we would wonder, “Just where are we supposed to go from here? And how are we supposed to get out of here?!?” We could see the trail about 10 feet in front of us, but after that, it vanished. We couldn’t see it. As we walked those 10 feet we could see, we could then see the 10 feet in front of that. And the 10 feet in front of that. We HAD to walk those paths step by step. We knew we were going to get out on the other side somehow, but we couldn’t see the path to get there and it looked impossible!

    And we got some sore muscles. And some aching knees from lots of inclines. And some bruises clambering over rockslides where they had covered the trail. And some moments following the cairns by faith when we couldn’t see a trail at all. But yes, just like the path was laid out in the Grand Canyon even when it looked like it led into a cliff or a solid rock wall, God has your path laid out too. So glad you know it!

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