Rediscovering the Library

I was recently reminded that public libraries exist and are manifestly awesome, so when my mom and brother took a trip this afternoon so he could take his practice SAT, I decided to tag along.

I thought perhaps I would find some nice books to browse in my time there, but I was categorically ambitious in my check out choices (after renewing my library card following years of disuse).

Seriously. The food is taking up arms. Like zombies.A lovely cookbook by Jamie Oliver- I looked at every single picture on every single page and quietly salivated to myself. I’m inspired to make some of the more British dishes. I also would like this for my birthday.

The Survivors Club - Ben SherwoodRecommended to me by Evan and Becca- I read 84 pages in the library this afternoon, sprawled on a comfy chair, probably to some patrons’ consternation.

Hannah Coulter - Wendell BerryWendell Berry comes highly lauded by the Rabbit Room, of which the highly esteemed (at least by myself and all persons I consider to be worthwhile) Andrew Peterson is the proprietor, so I thought I would do well to discover his writing for myself. Plus I wanted to encourage my library to continue carrying good literature (I trust AP).

I've not yet started a coffee shop, fyi.I’ve been wanting to open a coffee shop / used book store / fair trade goods marketplace for several years now, and although this venture seems to be nowhere in my future, this seemed a practical tome.

I'm still not fluent in Spanish.Yes, a Spanish textbook. I’ve decided that French and Spanish are two of the most common languages in the world (at least in the Americas, Europe, and Africa, which is a good portion of this planet), and since I would like to be a conscientious citizen of the world, it would behoove me to learn them.

I'm guilting myself by titling these photos. There is a sad lack of Spanish fluency in my life.Hey! I have 30 days to spare! How practical. You know, I thought it would only be fair to my children to learn another language, since I expect them to pop out bilingual. (According to Laura Vela, they will say to me, “Hola mamacita!”)

I don't know French yet either.Then we went to Border’s, which was having a store-closing sale, and I went halvsies with Peter on this, which cost us a grand total of $6.41. Maybe when I’ve mastered French and Spanish I’ll tackle Mandarin. or Russian. or perhaps modern Hebrew.

I’ve decided to forego any computer games or TV-watching if I’m doing it by myself. Instead, I’ll read, and learn how to survive, cook, respect nature, start a business, and speak two foreign languages. Well, French might wait until the summer. Time to put my library card to good use!


One thought on “Rediscovering the Library

  1. Angie says:

    I’ve decided for a similar reason that I need to read Wendell Berry!! After reading AP’s interview, I was inspired… I’m starting with poetry, though, as the creative writing class in which I am enrolled will soon involve poetry, and I’d like to expand the little library of inspiriation in my head. Working to awaken my poetic muse. I’ve loved the few I’ve read thus far!

    I have a feeling that your studies of Spanish can be enhanced by a certain mother whose growing years were spent south of the border… ya think? ;)

    I’m sad about Border’s, but sales are good. We love libraries! (…though I have to admit, I’ve had a Kindle for two months, and I adore it… guess it’s partly the fault of folks like me that stores like Border’s need to have “going out of business” sales. It won’t keep me from the library, though.)

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