I am the Keeper of Much Useless Information

That is, useless to many other people. I find my stockpile of knowledge quite useful for myself, but there are two areas in which I seem to have just too much information. I will share these with you in case anyone besides myself can be benefited. Or, in the least, that these tidbits can reside other places than my cranium.

1. I have been window shopping used cars on Craigslist recently, so it is now fairly easy for me to look at a sedan’s tail lights and be able to tell you the car’s make, model, and generation.

2. I present for you the normal weekday schedule for KERA, 90.1 (Your source for NPR news and the BBC world service!). This comes from much attentive listening (and is all from memory, so pardon the misspellings).

5am – 9am: Morning edition
9am – 11am: The Diane Ream Show
11am: Fresh Air (with Terri Gross)
12pm – 2pm: Think (with Chris Boyd)
2pm: Tell Me More (with Michelle Norris)
3pm – 5pm: PRI’s The World
5pm: All Things Considered
6pm: Marketplace (with Kai Risdall)

Fridays: 12pm: A Way With Words, 1pm: Anything You Ever Wanted to Know, 8 or 9pm: Radiolab

Saturday mornings feature  Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Saturday afternoons A Prairie Home Companion, and Sunday mornings CarTalk.

Phew. I love me some NPR.


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