El Fin

This, my friends, is the end. Here, at the end of all things … well, just two. My twitter account and this blog. And honestly, it’s not forever. If I am in dire straits and posting “SOS” on hashamayim.wordpress.com will save my life, I will have no qualms whatsoever.

The intent of this discontinuation is the re-evaluation of my public vs. private life. Why do I have a twitter? Why blog at all? Primarily, it has been a good venue for expressing my thoughts, but when it comes down to it, I have to wonder–to whom? So, I leave these public arenas for more private reflections, for several reasons.

First, for security concerns. I’m not sure that broadcasting such varied information about myself so openly is as great an idea as I thought.

Second, for humility reasons. It’s so easy for me to hope that someday I’ll be a well-known blogger, or even that my friends who do read this blog will be impressed with what I write. I don’t need any more pitfalls in my life where pride can easily lurk.

Third, for lifestyle reasons. All in all, I desire that my trajectory in life would be one of more simplicity than the norm. For this purpose I purge my closets, hang my laundry to dry, and recycle, recycle, recycle. And I’m learning to sew. Technology is not, in and of itself, an evil, but I have found that for me it can become a dangerous distraction. Thus, the less I entangle myself the better. Besides, I’ve been woefully neglecting my own personal journal, which is really what has benefited me most in the past.

I will now be spending any social networking time on facebook. This is ironic, because the next blog post I had planned was to explain why I liked twitter better than facebook. (It’s true–facebook is hypocritical and calls the people you stalk and who stalk you “friends,” while twitter is much more straightforward and calls them “followers.” Etc.)

However, for my intents and purposes (maintaining friendships), facebook is much more useful, seeing as I know more people on facebook than on twitter, and communicate with them more there than on this blog. Maybe someday I will return, when I have more maturity to deal with technological clutter, but for now it’s goodbye.


One thought on “El Fin

  1. Dorinda says:

    The thoughts conveyed through your blog have challenged me and encouraged me time and time again. I shall miss your blog, H. But thank you for doing what you need to do! I’ll see you on Facebook!

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