[musings from a solitary roadtrip]

Have there been conservative artists? Artists who weren’t contrary and still produced good work? Isn’t it in the very nature of the artist to question what’s assumed? Isn’t the best art produced by breaking the rules?

What does this say about us as humans? Isn’t it art that makes us feel the most alive? Whether musical notes, visual stimuli, spoken or written word–these are the things that open our souls. The very things that make us uncomfortable are also the things that can snag bits of our identity, by which we later define ourselves.

Whether we realize it or not, we require questions to survive. Scientists know this, and artists know this, and they help keep our bodies and souls intact. Come to think of it, every life orientation has its own field of necessary questions. But casting doubts outside that comfortable frame of reference is a step we’re often wary to take.

This is an encouragement, then, I guess, to dare to refuse to take the world at its word. Not all that’s advertised as truth is what it seems. And if it is, it can withstand your questions.

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