who am I?

I’m a fan of the letter H.

I blog infrequently.

I love exploring. I feel so lucky to have this world with its moons and constellations and multivarious cultures. It’s all a feast for the taking.

I’ve always loved writing. It’s a way of exploring things when I can’t do so physically, and it eventually results in reading, my favorite transport as a child. The greatest adventures are usually had through books.

As a child, my ambitions were to be “a writer and illistrater.” I’ve made this a space to work out the love I still have for writing. I’ll spare you my attempts at illistrating.


I also post music I like here: cantstoplistening.wordpress.com

And far too often I say snarky things here: hrchupp


2 thoughts on “who am I?

  1. Hannah, you are a wonderful writer! Keep posting :)

  2. Hannah Rose says:

    Thanks, Cassie!

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