(sometimes random phrases pop into my head. I don’t know why.)

  • All I know is, if the divorce rate in Poland goes up …
  • A fine assortment of figs on the wall, a fine assortment of figs!
  • Yes, that is my Sierra Leone child.
  • I think I’ll just let it invade.
  • I have been published in 27 libraries worldwide.
  • That’s even better than opening a can of white beans!
  • Once I pretended I liked living in this house of madness.
  • Maybe I should have grown fondue on my beard.
  • She was a bit fuller about the cheeks than I recalled.
  • A shiny new Olympic Ford!
  • He began to get into the character of John Richardson …
  • They have a gross relationship!
  • She probably put that word in her mouth without thinking about it.
  • “Are you the one who disguised this place with the scent of formaldehyde?” she asked. “I can’t remember,” he replied. “It was all a dream.”
  • After 57 minutes, she called the coroner.
  • The boys all have Cicero, and me? Well, I have Granada.
  • There are clowns in Minneapolis who work better than he does.
  • You think you know me? Wait till you meet my very Catholic aunt who loves puppies!
  • George doesn’t drink and drive, so why should you?
  • Congratulations! You’ve just won tickets to BBC Radio’s new show, Roger Allam Denies Your Questions!

One thought on “brainspeaks

  1. […] of my roamings, I came across the blog Good Heavens–more specifically, this particular page: I laughed heartily at the curious phrases the blogger concocted, and was able to sleep much more […]

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