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cookie tartlets

I had this scrumptious dessert at a wedding. But I had no recipe, and neither did the internet. Not even pinterest. This was surprising. So, what the heck, right? I’ll just wing it.

cookie tarts

And who knew? It was surprisingly simple and delicious and probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever made. You should make it too.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Tarts

30 oz Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough (by all means, make your own! I was just feeling lazy-ish, and it was super tasty anyway)
8 oz cream cheese
4 T butter (softened)
1 c powdered sugar
1/2 t vanilla
berries to your heart’s content

  1. Spoon rounded tablespoonfuls of cookie dough into a muffin tin–enough so that you can press out a thin layer on the bottom of each muffin….basin?….and shape some up around the sides.
  2. Bake for ~10 minutes in a 350° oven.
  3. Meanwhile, make the cream cheese filling. Cream together the butter and cream cheese, then add the powdered sugar and vanilla, and beat until creamy.
  4. When the cookie tartlets come out of the oven, let them sit for a few minutes. Then, place the tin upside down on a cooling rack, and tap the bottom of each ….. muffin space thing. Remove the tin and place the cookie tarts right side up and let them cool.
  5. Once the cookie tarts are cool, fill with cream cheese filling (I used a ziploc bag with the corner cut off) and add berries.
  6. And then eat the darn things. They’re so tasty.
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how to exist when a giant is sitting on your chest

  1. wake up weary and coughing
  2. fan biscuit flames away from the smoke detector
  3. inexplicably cause Keurig to explode all over the kitchen
  4. drink mediocre coffee remnants
  5. chain-smoke How I Met Your Mother
  6. don hoodie and purchase supplies for nachos
  7. eat said nachos
  8. try to comprehend scholarly journal articles
  9. give up
  10. eat more nachos
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Hannah’s Chuppdate (age six)

From the always excellent archives, a letter I wrote to family and friends at the tender age of six. Enjoy my superb spelling and creative punctuation.

This is Hannah. it is my BirthDay Number Six ! .I am exsited !aren’t you to ?Well I am! Rejoice in the Lord always!we ALL! love all of you !. Here is some about me (Hannah)


SWING (At PlayGrounds)
READ BOOKS (Very Much Evan Big Ones!)

Things I don’t like…


my favrite foods and season and why?



Things I want to do while I’m six…

Learn to swim
Learn to ride a bike
Learn to play gatar
Learn to play piano

what I think about my DAD… he is…,speisal,happy,funny and loveable
MOM….she is…MY MOM!

My favrite things to do at SCOOL…


Here is a poem I wrote about hugs:

Hug’s Don’t Evaporate

Hug’s don’t evaporate
that is true.
When we say: Mama I’ve got a booboo!
that’s when we need a hug!

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a slightly unsavory note about myself

and by “unsavory,” I mean sweet.

because Lemon Bars are a Thing for which I might engage in Illegal Things.

if the opportunity to steal Lemon Bars presented itself, I might not be able to resist. if Lemon Bars were held out as a prize, I might reveal all trade secrets ever.

please don’t tell all my bosses at the CIA. this is a definite chink in my armor.

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announcing an announcement

The winner of the Probably Not Annual Subconscious Limerick Completion Contest, selected by a half-biased and half-objective panel, is Mrs. Heidi Chupp, with the following submission:

A grad student, once, while a-quinceing
Read a poem on the values of mincing
It was a humble narration
Not long in duration
But it was, nonetheless, quite convincing.

As the winner, Mrs. Chupp will receive in the mail the most excellent prize of several brownies I made last night on a whim, with no recipe, because I wanted french fries. That is, if my roommates (and/or Jessie Riley) don’t eat them all.

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because obviously they put cream and sugar in their coffee in hell.

I’ve learned I like to consume things that aren’t always pleasurable from the get-go.

Black coffee.


Habanero salsa.


And strangely it’s the bitterness, the acrid pain that endear these things to me. Which (naturally) got me to thinking about heaven.

Spicy foods induce pain, and bitterness connotes unpleasantness, so in heaven when every wrong is made right will coffee be bitter, will whiskey still be pungent, will salsa be spicy, will onions be biting? Are the sharpness and slightly disagreeable natures of these foods results of the fall? Or perhaps were our palates ruined by the fall and so our appreciation of such things is an illicit desire?

Oh, now I don’t like that conclusion one bit. I very much want to drink my coffee black in heaven and know that it’s been redeemed.

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A Time to Lose, and a Time to Win

And you have the chance to do either.


This morning I woke up having constructed the middle two lines of a limerick in my sleep. They are as follows:

It was somewhat a humble narration
Not very long in duration

. . . . . .  but what? I really can’t construct the rest (it seems to me a form of cheating on my subconscious), so I’m going to let you partner with my sleepy self and find the best surrounding lines for this most excellent limerick. Please leave a comment containing the whole of your suggested limerick. If you feel the need to tweak the inner lines a bit, I will allow such changes. However, both the judging panel and the author do frown a bit on such practices.

There will be prizes.

Food will almost definitely be involved. I will even mail you food.

Some limitations apply. And by “prizes,” I probably mean just one prize.


I will now offer the soundest advice for deciding between two brownie recipes: Make both.

That’s what I did this weekend.

Recipe 1: Moosewood Fudge Brownies, from Mollie Katzen’s Moosewood Cookbook

Recipe 2: Amazing Black Bean Brownies

And the adventure begins!


Cast of characters for Recipe 1. Please note the strong coffee on the right.

yep. them be beans.

Decidedly more disheveled cast of characters for Recipe 2.

(brownie batter. stay tuned for the baked details.)

Recipe 1 has come out of the oven!

kitchen explosion

Recipe 2 comes out of the oven and compounds the mess that has already exploded all over the kitchen.

in which Hannah washes the dishes like a boss

Behold! A cleaned kitchen!

secretly I baked a batch of marble in the oven.

Marbley Recipe 2 brownies ready to cut.

I made dem dere brownies.

Proof that these brownies were crafted by myself.

brownies on vacation, basking in the sunlight

Brownie Recipes 1 (front) and 2 (back), in all their supremely edible glory. A unbiased panel of five taste-testers was selected precisely because of the convenience of their availability. Their judgments are as follows:

Corinne eats the brownies with a side of gleefulness

Corinne: Recipe 1 was not typical; a fluffy texture but a dense flavor. Although the flavor was amazing, this recipe makes a better cake than a brownie. When Recipe 2 was warm (and not cooked long enough), the beans were too noticeable. Overall, however, the dark chocolate meshed well with the coffee flavor, and as far as brownies go, this one was the best. “I like that a lot. They really are quite marvelous.”

Becca eats the brownies with a side of amazement

Becca: Recipe 1 is not quite like a brownie, and a bit dry. However, the cinnamon gives the dessert a rounded, full-bodied flavor. The smooth coffee flavor of Recipe 2 is excellent; the chocolatey goodness went down smoothly and, although intense, was not overwhelming. Recipe 2 improves much after baking a bit longer and refrigerating.

Hannah eats the brownies with a side of skepticism

Hannah: Recipe 1 has amazing flavor, but an odd texture; somehow fluffy and dense at the same time. Before baking, the batter was the most heavenly substance. Recipe 2 is intense and decadent, rather amazing after baking longer.

Jaime eats brownies with a side of haircut

Jaime: Both brownies tasted excellent, but Recipe 2 won out because of its fudginess and the intensity of the chocolate and coffee.

Jessie eats brownies with a side of snarkJessie: Recipe 1 had a sub-excellent texture. Recipe 2 was quite good, and similar to an Italian espresso chocolate. It was “better than one would have expected from a brownie,” more like a bar of chocolate.

brownies of glory and hallelujah choirs

Recipe 1 Verdict: Good flavor, but lacking in browniness. I’d like to play around with the recipe to either make an excellent chocolate mousse or a more fudgy brownie.

winner brownies (all you other brownies, get out the way)

Recipe 2 Verdict: Pretty amazing (and gluten free!). The only con to this recipe was the effort involved; for a brownie it’s a pretty complicated recipe. But for a result of over 40 excellent brownies? I’d say it’s worth it.

Some overall comments:

“I like how they are both decadent, but not cloyingly so.” – Corinne

“One is quite small and the other is rather large.” – Jessie

“It’s like no cheese I’ve ever tasted!” – Wallace