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Bad Idea #473

….Considering using the clothesline as a zip line.

And, to counter this bad idea (which I didn’t actually carry out, by the way), a good idea, some gratitudinal thinking:

#37 – Evidence of the Spirit working in my heart.

#38 – Knowledgeable doctors



I began reading Radical by David Platt this morning, and although I’m only five and a half chapters through, I’m about ready to recommend it as required reading for every Christian. This message is needed and gives me courage. More thoughts later, when I’m more fully informed.

Also, I have been woefully remiss in my gratitudinal posts. I’ve decided I need to keep a gratitudinal journal and keep myself committed to this. Recently, however:

#32 – Provision of part-time job opportunities.

#33 – Opportunities for trust (also known less thankfully as “WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN MY LIFE?”)

#34 – Espresso. More specifically, Americanos. However, as I found out just this morning, not particularly from Starbucks. In this regard, I prefer the Lone Star Coffee Bar.

#35 – Unspeakable, unrealistic peace.

#36 – Friends who were given me by an all-merciful God.

(Emmanuel) – God is WITH US!

Dearest Father, we thank You for giving Yourself to us in a world so dark without You. We, so helpless and cowering in the face of our destruction, kept wallowing in our own filth, but You pulled us out with Your own hands and embraced us despite our mire.

And how did You do it? You sent Your Son as a baby, helpless Himself for the first time in eternity. And as He grew, He was able to understand in a new way our pain, and His own heart hurt immeasurably for our blind stumblings. And His flesh tore on Golgotha, helpless once again. But really, helpless as He seemed, He crushed death and rescued us.

So we thank you, Father, for Your sacrifice and surrender. And in this Christmas season we celebrate Christ indeed. We thank You for Christ-With-Us then. We thank You for Christ-In-Us now. You are always to be praised.

What a gift God has given us. And what a God He is.

That same night, in amongst the other stars, suddenly a bright new star appeared. Of all the stars in the dark vaulted heavens, this one shone clearer. It blazed in the night and made the other stars look pale beside it.

God put it there when his baby Son was born – to be like a spotlight. Shining on him. Lighting up the darkness. Showing people the way to him.

You see, God was like a new daddy – he couldn’t keep the good news to himself. He’d been waiting all these long years for this moment, and now he wanted to tell everyone.

(from the Jesus Storybook Bible)

#27 – Benjamin, my most gracious and patient boyfriend.

#28 – A day of exceptionally warm weather (37° instead of 5°).

#29 – A new plunger, which is a thing of beauty with the tiny pipes in our apartment.

#30 – A culinarily creative roommate who whips up tasty meals.

#31 – A chapel message focused on the beautiful story of Jesus’ entire life.

Christmastime is here!

#23 – Waking up to snowfall.

#24 – Zumba.

#25 – A healthy, functioning human body.

#26 – My generous brother who gave me his wonderful pajama pants.

You are good – All the time

#18 – Christmas music!

#19 – 55 degree weather on the last day of November.

#20 – An unexpected connection with an admissions counselor from Denver Seminary.

#21 – Blessed restoration in relationships.

#22 – New underwear.

An Epiphany of Patience

In church on Sunday, I began to think about the road ahead of me, and the steps that aren’t clear yet. I prayed for guidance and that God would show me His plan, and that I would take no other. But instead of any specific leading that I was sure He would give, I was given no insight into the future. In its place, I was given an overwhelming peace for the now. I complained, But God, this isn’t practical! But I’ve come to realize that this is how He many times has led many of His children.

#14 – Snuggling.

#15 – A reassuring peace.

#16 – Hebrews 11:8 – “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.” and Genesis 12:1 – “Now the LORD said to Abram, ‘Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you.'”

#17 – Pie crust dough.

In Which I Hurl Myself Off A Succession Of Cliffs And Find I Was On A Very Safe Path All Along

Perhaps I am Eustace? (read: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, in which he stumbles blindly and supernaturally into the Dragon Valley)

Anyways, tonight I had cause to remember that for the past several months, whenever I think I have a sort of plan for myself, it gets uprooted. It’s been disillusioning, disheartening, and daunting for sure. I’ve even thought, why bother trying anymore? I should just give up and eat potato chips all day.

In talking to mom tonight and explaining my woes, she kept telling me how awesome it was that God had such a path laid out for me.

“Where?” I can’t see it. Everything is being upended and shaken about and wiggled all over the place. Nothing seems like a path.

I just can’t wait to get to the end and see what I have come through unscathed.

#12 – God is trustworthy. He will not waste my time, love, dreams, life. He’s not like that song, “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away…”

#13 – God’s leading. I honestly can’t see it right now and what appears to others to be His leading looks to me like a freefall down a rocky cliff, but I know He does and I am excited to see what He is doing.

A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine

#4 – Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot.

#5 – Having a clear mind while writing.

#6 – The clarification of certain doubts about the Old Testament from reading Galatians 3.

#7 – Gum and fresh breath.

#8 – Christmas music (don’t be a hater – it’s already Christmastime to me).

#9 – A loving family.

#10 – The smell of a fire and smoke coming from a fireplace.

#11 – Remembering memorized Scripture from when I was little.