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Rogue One: A Christmas Story

***uh, probably spoilers?***



The problem with me seeing [insert any movie here] is that I almost always tie it to what’s going on around me. Even when it’s not meant to have any bearing whatsoever. I watch Parks & Rec on election night and it’s doubly disappointing when Knope doesn’t win in real life. I watch Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them and I get angry at the state of the wizarding community (read: general atmosphere) in America. I make connections.

So when I saw Rogue One, when I watched a story of hope against the empire, I couldn’t help but tie in my own hope for love to win against the power of hate and destruction. And so if you’ve seen Rogue One, you can guess I was pretty depressed at the end. Is this how it will be? Is this who will win?

(Now, before you remind me that I’m just projecting my feelings onto a work of fiction, let me tell you, I know. I think it’s just that this is how my feelings get distilled, that somehow pairing them with a story is how I get to the real core of them. Don’t get me started on Harry Potter 7.)

“But you know what will happen in Episode IV,” my brother told me. That’s true. And that’s when I started thinking about Christmas.

Christmas requires that you’re in for the long game, if you think about it. It starts off with a flash of hope that things will be different and then………nothing, really, for the next 30 years. As 21st century readers, we know what will happen, but can you imagine being one of those shepherds? Angels! A baby king! and then………a massacre of infants. oppression as per usual.

Things did begin to change, but even during Jesus’ lifetime people said he wasn’t doing enough. Stop small-timing it with these 12 guys, Jesus. Go big or go home, Rabbi. Then he died (I told you there were spoilers) and the critics were right. More spoilers: He did come back to life, but probably in the most nonchalant way possible. Nothing flashy. No government overthrow. But slowly, over time, the good news begins to spread. It has power; it compels people to fight for good.

I think these are the stories I need to surround myself with. That even the smallest hope is powerful. Even when hate seems so loud, and any effort I can make just a whisper, it’s still worth it. There’s always Episode IV. There’s always Easter.

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